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Thanks for visiting my page! My name is Katie and I'm the designer behind all this. I love classic and crisp design aesthetic but also have a knack for adorable illustrations. For those of you who don't know me, I'll give you a sneak peek into my world.

I'm a young, fun, color-loving graphic artist based right outside the great city of Boston! I love adventuring around the city trying to find local art, vintage shops, music, thrift fashion and super cool photo spots. I also feel the need to find ALL the best coffee shops to feed my cold brew addiction.

I wasn't always a city girl though, I was born in the mountains of Maine and have always loved the outdoors. Skiing, hiking and exploring.....I love it all. I believe that the world is filled with so many beautiful elements and nature has beauty that is often overlooked. I love to hop around the globe and see as many beautiful places as I can.

So I've decided to share my favorite adventures with you! Keep up to date with my Instagram @ktndesigns to see where I'm headed next. I'll be posting on my blog more in depth about some of my favorite looks, designs, illustrations, and adventures so stay tuned!



#design #fashion #illustration

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